Accident Investigation


Investigating any accident can be daunting at first, clearly, you wouldn’t want to make mistakes. We will undertake a full investigation and generate a report with recommendations from the findings.

Key Principles

Finding the root cause of an accident is vital in ensuring that future prevention is possible. 

Jumping to Conclusions

Never jump to conclusions, the thing that caused the accident or incident is never normally the root cause.

The Five Why's

Always question further, if something happened, ask why. Then ask why again and again until you reach the root cause. This takes experience and skill to consistently get right.

Why Integral Safety?

We can undertake the investigations on your behalf. This follows with a full report, leading to a root cause analysis, recommendations for practise and procedural change, and training of any changes required to all stakeholders.

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Next Steps

Integral Safety Ltd can look at your business and advise the best ways that you can not only prevent accidents from occurring but also, monitor your practices to ensure you know when things could be going wrong.

Additionally, we recommend that you let us train some of your team members to become safety mentors. As a result, they become the example of good practice that others will usually follow.


Why it is so important to fully investigate accidents and incidents