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Sharps and Needlestick Awareness

What is Sharpes and Needlestick Awareness?

Sharps and needlestick refers to the general term for syringes, needles, razor blades, glass, and other hazards that can cut or infect you. For workers entering into buildings and properties that are inhabited, abandoned or where drug use may be suspected, this course is essential. We highlight the hazards from exposure to infected needles and how, on occasion, needles are deliberately used to boobytrap properties and places. This course raises the awareness for your teams to better prepare them for this type of working environment.

The Hazards

How your workers can come into contact with needles and other sharps. Also, what could happen to them if they do. They will also understand common hiding places and techniques for spotting them.

Tools and Equipment

What tools and equipment can be used to avoid contact with infected drug paraphernalia and keep your workers safe. When you should and shouldn't attempt removals.

Controlling the Risk

We help your teams to understand the benefits of a sensible approach. Protecting themselves and others, and even though PPE is always a last resort, when and how it is essential with regards to sharps and needlesticks.

Who Is This Course Suitable For?



Team Leaders

Clearance Operatives

Integral Worker

Senior Managers

Trades Personnel

Housing and Visiting Officers

Business Owners

Course Delivery

Sharps and needlestick awareness can be delivered face to face or via Zoom/Teams. We feel that delegates get a far better experience when the course is delivered in person, however, we appreciate this is not always possible so we work around you and your needs.

We can tailor the content to include your business and your operating practices, along with any key messages that you need your workers to understand such as your policy, procedures, and working practices. The primary elements of the course include:

Understanding the risk.

Identifying the hazards.

Applying the Hierarchy of Risk Control.

The possible viruses, diseases, and how they can affect a person.

Protecting yourself and others.

The hidden dangers.